Shelburne Institute is a research environment in Shelburne, Vermont, comprising a sanctuary, a studio, and (eventually) a school.

Our mission is to reimagine the stories, structures, and systems that shape our collective experience — seeding the future with new possibilities.

Our rural campus is located at High Acres Farm, a 176-acre working farm within the larger campus of the educational nonprofit, Shelburne Farms.

Over time, we hope to establish a community of living and learning here in this place — integrating craft, commerce, and culture.

Through our research, we envision the kind of future we hope to inhabit; through the projects we generate, we cultivate its emergence.


Our insignia depicts an archetypal stone from Lake Champlain — gray Iberville Shale bisected by a vein of white calcite, made from the shells of ancient sea creatures who lived in these waters five hundred million years ago, when Vermont was covered by a tropical ocean and located near the equator.

These so-called “linestones” provide an iconic connection to a deeper sense of space and time. When arranged side by side, so the white lines of each stone connect with those of its neighbors, a longer and collective line is formed, pointing to a long-forgotten wholeness — forgotten, yet still within reach.


Shelburne Institute is directed by Jonathan Harris.